"The world has moved, be quick enough to not miss it now,
so wake up your eyes and darling your smile" -Copeland

Friday, May 14, 2010


it's been quite awhile since i've written, almost a year! i had a bit of trouble deciding whether or not to pick it back up, but i've obviously chosen to do so. i apologize for the abandonment. School was all consuming this year, not to mention other things i had going on. i am now a semester closer to graduating! it's bittersweet. several friends have graduated recently, and it feels odd to still be in the same mode i've been in while they will begin their careers. i'm not complaining too much though because i'm gonna miss college tremendously.
onto the other EXCITING news.
i am leaving for...
in 3 days!!!
i've been counting down the days since March, and i can't believe it is almost here.
i'll be sure to post pics when i get arrive back on U.S. soil
p.s. it's nice to be back to blogging again :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a song and a story

"A Short Short Story Perhaps"

You took my heart in your hand on that day that screamed to be spring but was still whispering winter. I wrote a poem about us in class thinking I'd show you later that day.  Instead, I left a note on your car wishing you to have a great day.  Perhaps I should've told you then, I guess it's too bad I didn't, or maybe too good. I can't decide. I'm somewhat in the same predicament at the moment, but now the heat is swelling from the ground and the days are never ending until I see you again. Maybe I should find that poem I wrote ages ago when all this was still fresh and post that on your car this time. I wonder what you'd say and the reaction you'd give. Would you walk away or do what I see only in my dreams with your arms? Open them as I step in to the embrace I have hidden in my thoughts for ages. I never thought it would come to this, but I suppose it was now or never. I walk up to your porch now, and before I knock, I turn to see the last days of summer wave goodbye into another season and I walk in your door not looking back.

on a side note, i love this song and thought i'd share it with you today :)

buenos dias mis amigos

Monday, July 27, 2009

time in a bottle

all summer that i've been in cookeville, i've found myself driving through campus, downtown and other destinations that i have occupied through the past three years. i try to form all of the memories i have of these places in a nice, neat little package all together, but it's impossible. there are simply too many memories that rush back to me. i have learned some hard lessons, i have grown into someone more independent, yet i'm still growing. i believe that never has to end, the learning part at least. i have gone from being somewhat of a loner to meeting some of my best friends. i love them all to pieces. i have laughed, cried, been afraid and been deliriously happy. 
it's been one of the best experiences of my life so far, if not the best.

buenos noches!! :)

i hate math

i was reading about the Most Lucrative Degrees online today, and nowhere in that article does English come up.  it's all about math. i hate math. i have never been good at it. and then on the other hand, i start to hope that maybe one day i will write a bestselling novel and then i won't have to worry about having a lucrative job, but what if that never happens? maybe i should start designing a nice cardboard box and finding an okay place to put it. i'll have my books and pen and paper with me, so why not? my mind just doesn't work very well mathematically...

Monday, July 20, 2009

"side by side"

a very very short story I wrote inspired by the song "Never say Never" by the Fray 
hope you enjoy :)

"Side by Side"

I always thought I was like a bland character in your favorite novel, but on that winter day, I remember I used my polaroid.  I only used my polaroid on rare occasions, and you, my dear, were a rare occasion.  Somehow, I believed I opened a door to your heart on that day.  I stepped in, you saw me, and I became the main character in your life.  I had that photo of you and me framed where I could see it when I opened my eyes in the morning and closed them at night.  In the past we would go without talking for months at a time, but things always remained as they were when we picked up where we left off.  We held that smile when things were crumbling around us, and I begged you to just talk to me.  You were always there, holding tightly to the bond we shared through the years.  You couldn't ever say never, even though maybe at times we should have.  
Years later, in our separate lives, I think of you and wonder who you are now.  I always knew you'd be there in those times.  I imagine you in your new life, and I hope you're happy.  The photo in the frame is tucked away in a drawer, and on occasion, I'll slip it out when no one is looking and smile at who we were back then.  Just two beings, in the present, never thinking about the future; refusing to.  Being side by side, all we wanted was right beside us in that moment. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lion's mane

Iron and Wine "Lion's Mane"

this song is great. my 2 favorite lines in it are:
"the earth is warmer when you laugh"
"love is the best sensation waiting in the lion's mane."
but all of it is superb so you should
listen and enjoy :)
buenos noches

p.s. i really miss my family...i love you all so much

a select few

here are a select few poems i've written over the past few years. some of the feelings i had in the poems have completely changed, some are exactly the same.
enjoy :)


You fade in and out when you reach for
air. Fingers tremble at an
unfamiliar pace where I cannot
remember. Discarding days like a fool, what
pray tell will we do? A heart's 
remembrance may not be enough, but it's all
I can recall. A new tide has
turned, memories are my ever present stain.
It's blasphemy to say I will


Frozen in time
Now melting and stepping forward
Thoughts dance in my head
I tell them to stop, as melodies spring forth and
carry me away.


There's no shame in curiosity, and 
no end to destinations. So how
must I settle in this place? There are
precautions to take, but
unthinkable choices at the last moment. Escaping
this massacre is laughable when there's
no where to hide.
Constant question marks are left upon 
my face. I will not know the answer until the
morrow, but I pray 'tis alright.